Friday, December 3, 2010


This just a rough to test. Too much fun working on it :D

Expression Sheet

I don't know why but i wanted to do Hyena for expression assignment for character desgin class. Hyena look so funny to me, the way they walk, run, their proportion and everything. They have very nasty characterastic tho. Alothough im not too happy with what i got for final copy, it was too much fun working on it. I have too many different version of him i drew and will be uploading them soon when i have chance.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Royal Winter Fare

Three Words, "I suck at animal drawings". Well, that's actually five words. Anyway, These are the animal drawings done in 30 secs gestures to 15 mins studies in Royal Winter Fare. At least I tried my best drawing these farm animals to look like "what they are" LOL.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Life Drawings

Life drawing dumps. I'm not very happy with these drawings, but this is all i have so far. I NEED TO IMPROVE TONS, especially hands and feet plus line quality. All the above drawings are done in 30sec, 1min, 3mins, and 5mins.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Character posings

New character design and its posings for character design class. It was so much fun working on the poses. The only chellengeing part is the beginning part when i started designing it. It took me severel pages of sketches to finally find the shape and personality. I started with the shapes first, then personality comes out itself later. It was aslo a little difficult because i couldn't find any refrences for a grumpy angry mean fat british poliece officer like him :D. I'm happy with what i got in the end tho.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Character Rotation

There you go! a quick character rotation. He's a cheif.


Reading Week Finally!!! I can update some pieces.

Here is my hads and feet drawing done in LAST MINUTES of due date after 2 all nighters in a roll. Scanning and Photoshopping in rush isn't great idea at all. Some of my hands were cut off, but i couldnt care more.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

WoooHooooooo! Back to School after long long horrible Summer. Thank god finally its over. Its been a while since i last updated my blog. I had been too busssy with work that i didn't have much chance to do any art over the summer. Now that school is open, im so rusty :( Anyway, This is my very 1st assignment: Bouncing Ball which was assigned to us 1st day of school :D.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Room Drawings

I spent too much time on 1st room drawing and ended up rushing the 2nd room drawing 2 days before the portfolio date. I got 3s on these :((


Household objects (before and after)
I had fun drawing these. At first it gave me some trouble. I was confused whether i use 1 point or 2 point perspective. Then i started playing with compositions. My original idea was the whole sence of a set of breakfast table with a box of Milk, an apple, a paper tower roll, and cereal bowl. A cat knoked down and tore up all the objects in the end. However as i developed the idea, i did whole bunch of drawings over and over. But i finally ended up with switching some objects and changed the story to the natural disaster like snow storm which i found it more visually appealing. Again i also got all 4s on these drawings.


I had a bit trouble with this. And again only if gave more work on this, it would have been perfect. It finally turned out just okay although the propotion and structures of the cat are way too off. I got 3s and some 4s on the creativity, story, and performances, and supprisingly for the overall average score i got 4 on it again LOL. Yessssss.

Action Poses and Expressions Sheet
Action poses turned out good, but the expressions could have been used more work, lol. But then again i got all 4s on these, yessssss...
Sorry for the poor qulity of the pictures. I had a bit trouble using school scanner which is really old and slow and it crushed to many times during the working process, lol.

Characters and Annimation

Characters Rotation
It took me the whole 1st semester to develope this guy. I finally ended up with the idea of making anthropomorphic character, a pig. I created this character based on the baseball player Babe Ruth. I wanted him to be not serious, but more like screwball type, funny. The rotation killed me and yes its a bit off, but it works good tho. I'm pretty much happy with action poses and expression sheet :DD And guess what?? i've got perfect all 4s on this lol.

Life Drawings
These life drawings are from last year. I had never chance to go to extra life drawing classes during the 2nd semester becuz i was busy with portfolio plus my class assignments.

My name is kevin. I'm 22 years old. I decided to make my own blog after i gratuaded from sheridan art fundy in 2010. First of all, before i post or write something, i'd like to ask you to bare with my english. My english is limited.
I've never drawn before in my life. I had never been interested in art before. My journey as an artist began in late 2008 when a friend of mine who gratuated from Centenial college introduced me with his art works. I was instantly inspired and fell in love with his digital paintings, concept art character designs and 3d modeling. He then took me to Life drawing classes every week. In early 2009, he suggested me to go take the art foundation course from Sheridan college which i never thought exsited before (LOL). First I did not know what i wanted to do for my carrer in the future but during the 1st semester of the school year, i had chance to meet a lot of talented people, international students, artists all around the world. I was inpired more by just looking at their works and sketchbooks. It opened my eyes. I then decided to try annimation programme because i love animated movies. I grew up with Disney movies. I love cartoons and japanese anime. I heard that sheridan annimation programme is really intense and hard to get in. I was told that the portfolio is needed in order to get into the programme. Near the end of 1st semester in December 2009 i finished brainstorming the ideas for each required portfolio pieces. With the help of other friends, annimation students and my tutor plus i put too much hard work, time and afforts (there were too many sleepless nights), i was able to complete the entire portfolio in 3 months in the 2nd semester of art fundy. It wasn't easy at all to handle the class assignemnts and annimation portolio at the same time. It was a little too much for me. But i pretty much ignored the assignments. Then after the portfolio, i tried to catch up on everything i missed.The portfolio evolution took place during the reading week the beginning of March. After a month we handed in our porfolios, we got our result back in April 1st. For some issues and stupid mistakes that school admission office made, I was first rejected from the programme. I first thought my portfolio failed. For a week, i was sad and heart broken. But then a week later, the portoflio score sheet kicked in by the mail and i found out my score was high enough to get into the programme. Things started making no sense at all. So i went back to the office and solved the issues/mistakes. I finally got into the programme with the score of 3.35 out of 4. The minimun requirement score to get into programme is 2.99 and the waiting list score starts from 2.8 to 2.98 for 2010-2011 admission. Although it has been only over a year snice i started drawing in my life, during this time i have improved from zero level to this stage now. I will keep practicing. This is only the beginning of my journey. Thanks to those who helped me through out the year. I could not have done this without you all.